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Construction of the 64-bit patch

# / file / df383bb290515415a06801243f019cb68686c8185ec9cce2326ff5774bb4076a / canfod

Build a 32-bit patch

# / file / 60fa1ab0bc0757b61fdb0cc8a625724f6c70697bf0bc8478e019ed60fdfcce4 / canfod



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Whatnew when creating version 1

(Released on March 22, 2017)

Better IDM – a download machine

A new type of extension for Firefox (webextension) has been developed that supportsthe function of multiplayer (e10s)

Help added to Firefox 53, 54, 55

Better video recognition in web players

Errors have been fixed

How to install:

Instructions for the patch version:

1. Set the idm by running

2. Run the 32-bit Patch Building if you are using a 32-bit operating system


Run64-bit patch if you’re using a 64-bit operating system


IDM 6.29

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